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Dr. Hiren Shah


Dr. Shah has practiced dentistry for over a decade now, and he never gets tired of being an integral part of his patients’ life-altering smile transformations. Meeting new people and creating lifelong relationships is his favorite part of the job by far! He hopes to welcome you in soon. If you’d like to learn more about him before scheduling a visit, keep reading below.



While growing up, Dr. Shah knew that he wanted an eventual career path that would allow him to do something different every day. When he learned about dentistry and discovered all of the other specialties and services involved, he knew it was a great fit right away. As a dentist, he can provide quality healthcare, create meaningful bonds with patients, challenge himself regularly, and get better and better at his craft over time! Today, he can’t imagine doing anything else.



Dr. Shah pursued his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University. Following graduation, he completed his dental doctorate at New York University. He also spent multiple years training in intravenous sedation at Montefiore Hospital and has 1000+ hours of advanced education in dental implants, including All-On-4 seminars. He is a current member of the American Dental Association and the New Jersey Dental Association.



Dr. Shah and his wife Tejal have two young children named Arya (a daughter) and Arjun (a son). He strongly believes in maintaining a high level of enthusiasm and positivity throughout his daily life, even when faced with challenging obstacles! Outside of caring for patients, his favorite hobbies include cooking, working out, playing basketball, getting together with friends for a few rounds of Texas Hold them, and spending lots of quality time with his two children. challenging


Words From Our Patients

Google Review

Google Review

Dr Shah and his team are a pleasure to work with - in a complicated custom procedure like this (total upper & lower implants)- first it's an emotional choice at least it was for me - it's like losing a part of you - that's where understanding, patience & compassion plays a big role. There is never any hard sell or pressure and the Dr will spend the time needed to explain the options, materials, & steps to getting to the final permanent set. His staff is also knowledgeable & a pleasure to work with, especially when it comes time to discuss financial options & planning. There were no surprises when it comes to that - costs at the end were exactly the same as when we began. After 9 months end to end everything was on the up & up and final costs were exactly where they needed to be, no hidden costs, no surprises. I had problems with the temporary dentures as the permanent set was still under construction while waiting for the implants to set & strengthen to accept the permanent set. I have always been rough on my teeth from grinding at night & chewing gum during the day- naturally you forget that the temps are not made to handle the stress your own teeth & the final set are designed to handle. Dr Shah responded immediately to my Dental emergencies day or night 24x7 & even sent me an emergency overnight package self repair kit while I was away in Florida for the holidays . In that crisis I lost a couple of screws holding my temporary dentures- he walked my wife & I through the screw installation process using facetime- this worked for us because my wife was a dental assistant for many years before becoming a HS science teacher.
Chris Colt
Google Review

Google Review

1st thing:: I would like to thank Dr. Shah for changing my life, for believing in me , being a friend and reminding me that there are still good wonderful people in this world!!!! Love you brother.. I’ve been in pain for so many years from not taking care of my teeth and not going to the dentist.. I will go to the dentist from time to time to get an aching tooth pulled.. whenever I will go to do this I will feel really uncomfortable because as soon as I opened my mouth it was a gasp. Or the question asked to me would be, why are your teeth this bad with a crooked smile. Like? For the pass 4 to 5 years I’ve been trying to get implants and every single time I will see a dentist it will be “oh your insurance will not even cover a quarter of the cost, we hope you have a lot of money” this was told to me twice by two separate dentist.. but NOT HERE at signature smile.. When I came in I was skeptical. From my past experience. As soon as I met Dr. Shah I knew he was something special. He was very pleasant, he actually wanted to know my story!, what I wanted! He wanted to change MY LIFE He actually cared, truly cared.. I haven’t met any other doctor like him .. it came time for him to look into my mouth and I didn’t hear any gasp or awkward looks, just concern. Like you saw the gears moving in his head.. We took an X-ray and he said YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL TEETH!!(meaning the strength of my bone), guy almost brought me to tears... my extractions went very well I barely felt any pain at all.. him and his staff were very very supportive throughout the whole process, even the receptionist!!. A couple of hours after the extractions, Dr shah actually reached out to me to see how I was doing.! Listen.. if you’re like me and want to feel good and smile again. Then see DR SHAH.. he will make it possible to get where you want To be , to regain your confidence in yourself !! Don’t wait just do it!! Thank You 🙏🏼
Carlos Feliciano
Google Review

Google Review

Like everyone else, when you hear the word dentist, we are all afraid of going anywhere near them. I’m just glad that I found a dentist office that is close enough to get to and the people that work there are very welcoming and professional. Luckily I had a friend that was also in need of finding a new dentist, we both ended up going together and everyone that worked there was very patient and nice and understanding in our issues. Kassandra up front was such a sweet heart. she took care of us booking our appointment / follow ups / any questions we had, and made sure it coincides with our work schedules. Then the payment department, I want to say, was run by Nilda, she was able to sit us down and help us out even if we didn’t have any insurance and they have lots of different payment plans that help us out, then there’s Dr. Shah, our one and only dentist, he is very nice and kind and knowledgeable when it comes to our teeth’s. He’s very good at what he does, and I’m glad I found a dentist place that isn’t scary and dark. The office is very clean and neat and big. They have everything you will need. The X-rays are up to date, not like the ones they use to have back in the days. He does implants and everything and doesn’t send you to a specialist like other offices does. To name a few, Katherine, Michele, Victoria, they are all very nice, polite, professional, helpful individuals. Everyone there has their own unique specialty that makes up the dentist family whom is able to work with each other. I would definitely recommend them. The drive is worth it. And wouldn’t disappoint. Just found a dentist office that I don’t mind going to when I need something done.
Lynn Sie

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  • Dr. Shah has placed many dental implants.
  • Dr. Shah is a Full Arch Masters Alumni.
  • Dr. Shah received his dental degree from New York University

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